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Uber has launched a brand new product called Restaurant Manager. The service seeks to make analytics easier for partner restaurants and is part of the UberEATS suite. The product debuted on Thursday and has been launched with an eye upon it’s restaurant partners.

If that sounds surprising, well, Uber actually has a large number of restaurant partners that use its network for food delivery purposes. The company has always laid a focus on deliveries despite ever being on the receiving end of spectacular success, and with this tool, it is appears to be willing to introduce change at the most fundamental level — at the restaurants.

Announcing the new service, Uber said:

We’re launching this tool for restaurant partners globally to use as the single place for managing day-to-day operations, digging into feedback and information that results in data-driven decisions. Now, restaurants will have access to insights about their service quality, customer satisfaction, and sales alongside access to the tools to make specific adjustments to improve their business.

So basically, what you have is an analytics platform that helps restaurants serve up better food by presenting data in an easily comprehensible format. Restaurant owners can access the platform through the web, receive both visuals and metrics associated with the data, and reach conclusions about what is working and what needs to be changed.

The platform can get pretty granular as well. For instance, owners can check how well a particular dish is doing,w hat kind of demand does a menu item generate and what kind of demand is received at a particular time. All this data helps in ensuring that processes can be constantly improved and made more efficient — all without you needing to move your specialization from cooking to data analysis.


You can learn more about how the service works by watching the video below:

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