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Microsoft has released a brand new Windows 10 preview for its upcoming Creators update. The new preview brings along a slew of improvements to the platform including a new animation for the Cortana virtual assistant and some brand changes for the company’s edge browser.

Okay so first off, Cortana is receiving a change. The Animation has been changed and now features a couple of white/sky blue rings on a blue background. The animation for the virtual AI now looks better, at least in my opinion.

Next up, the edge browser has received an update that adds a new dialog to the URL bar. The new dialog tells you when flash content has been blocked. It also allows you to allow Flash once or every time you return to the same site.


The company has made some other changes to improve the reading experience on the edge browser. For example, a book icon will display in place of the generic one in the tab bar, when you are reading a locally saved EPUB book. What’s more, read aloud changes will now be saved and will come back up whenever you open a new book.

Meanwhile, the build also has the following improvements packed within it:

  • You can now use Continuum to connect to a display wirelessly and expect it to work properly.
  • There was an issue wherein screen rotation sometimes stopped working on the last Insider flight. That has been fixed as well.
  • The settings app is no longer crashing when you navigate to Settings > Devices.
  • Bluetooth pairing now works without a hitch.
  • Live tiles for Outlook Mail and Calender are now updating as they should.
  • Users were unable to paste or drag a folder from the PC to phone. This build fixes that issue.
  • Tapping the link for a website within an associated app could sometime cause the Microsoft Edge browser to crash,without opening the associated app. That has now been fixed.
  • Video playback experience when using Continuum for phone over Miracast wirelessly, has been improved.

There are a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes as well, along with some bugs (Yup, it is not perfect yet.). You can know more about this latest Windows 10 preview from Microsoft by going right here.

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