Google, Tilt Brush

Do you love painting? Do you love Oculus Rift? If you do, Google has just brought Christmas early for you. The company has now made its Tilt Brush application available across the Oculus Rift, and folks that sport Facebook’s virtual reality headsets can now deploy it to go upon a virtual painting spree.

In case you are unaware of it, Tilt Brush is Google’s attempt to make painting intuitive. The service allows users to snap on their VR headsets and comfortably paint while sitting in their homes. The app was previously available exclusively for HTC’s Rift headset, however, it is now coming to Oculus Rift as well.

The  best part about the app, which is now available in the Oculus Store for $29.99, is that you can use it to do stuff that might not be possible in the real world. Like painting stars and fire and so on.

The introduction of Tilt Brush to Rift follows the introduction of touch controllers to Oculus Rift. The touch controllers that are now present with the Rift allows users to get tooltips by touching the various buttons available on Oculus’s input device. Interestingly, Google has also added sound effects to make the environment even more immersive — the sounds will play through the Rift headsets, meaning that you can paint and feel like a master at work.

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