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With Mobile World Congress just a few days away, LG is today shining a light on one of the most important features of its upcoming flagship device. LG G6 will be unveiled on February 26 and we’re now sure that the Korean giant is planning to incorporate new UX features to make use of the impressive new screen.

For those unaware, the company has already revealed that LG G6 will sport a 5.7-inch Quad HD+ FullVision display, with 2880 x 1440 pixel screen resolution. But, the highlight of the said display will be the unusual (or interesting) 18:9 screen-to-body aspect ratio, that will entirely cover most of the front of the smartphone. The said screen has been fixed into the unibody construction “ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort”.

Thus, the flagship device will debut along with a redesigned and more colorful mobile UX 6.0, designed to utilize the FullVision display that resembles Xiaomi’s concept Mi Mix smartphone. This new UX 6.0 comes with rounded corners, which fall in line with the phone’s rounded edges with minimal bezels. And it will definitely be powered by a skinned version, of course, of Android 7.0 Nougat. The large screen will be helpful in uplifting the web surfing and multimedia experience for users, as more info can be loaded on-screen.

Talking about the improvements, Juno Cho, President, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company says,

The LG G6 with FullVision was inspired by the philosophy of experts in the movie industry who believe that an 18:9 ratio screen would be the best solution for viewing both old and new cinematic content in the digital age.

We’ve not only embraced that philosophy in our newest smartphone but taken it to a whole new level by incorporating the 18:9 format in many other ways. I think users will appreciate the many ways we’ve made the LG G6 more productive.

Further, LG has also redesigned the camera experience to ease the task of clicking and viewing pictures simultaneously. UX 6.0 makes well use of the expansive 18:9 screen to introduce a new ‘Square Camera’ feature which divides the camera interface into two identical squares.

These squares are then used to display the camera interface, as well as the picture clicked next to each other. You can, thus, use the second square to review the picture to decide if you’re satisfied or need another go at it. The camera also adds a Food Mode, which offers high color quality and saturation as seen fit for food photos.

Also, LG G6 is introducing UX improvements to the multitasking feature of the smartphone. The Korean giant is of the opinion that the new square GUI will enable many new and old features to split the 18:9 display cleanly into 1:1 ratio squares. It can be used for the Music Player, address book, call menu, and calendar. It means you can “open a call reception window next to the calendar app or the photo gallery at the same time as the message app.” Also, you will also be able to connect multiple square photographs and make Collage Wallpaper as the lock screen.

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