Reddit, a social news aggregator is known for its front page new stories and discussions. Reddit’s registered communities and members can submit content, pick up hot topics for conversations and post direct links and texts on the platform. The popular and highly rated stories are automatically promoted to the front page. Reddit describes the service as ‘Front page of the Internet’ due to its reliable sources and freshly brewed news.

As of today, the Reddit team has introduced some unique and handy design changes for site’s front page. Previously, the page displayed top stories from 50 curated subreddits, though now the page will be filled with hot stories from across the site. The change is quite useful for visitors who wish to discover happenings from across the globe. The front page has also been renamed as r/popular, which is in line with the changes introduced.

These highlighted stories can pop up from any subreddit, with a limited number of restrictions. However, these front page highlights should not be a part of any 18-rated or NSFW communities. Moreover, the subreddits that have opted out of appearing on the r/all page will not be selected for the home page as well.

The page will further not promote constantly user- filtered content from the boards. The changes do not affect the subscribed posts of users and they’ll still be able to access r/all like everyone else. An interested user may check out “r/popular” by clicking on the link on the gray nav bar at the top of the page, right between ‘FRONT’ and ‘ALL’ tabs.

The official blog further stated,

We’ve created a new page called “popular” that will be the default experience for logged out users, to provide those users with better, more diverse content.Thanks, we hope you enjoy this new feature!

Reddit is still to detail which subreddits are more likely to get selected and which of them have chances of removal. Though, Reddit admin, Simbawulf did specify some examples for removal. He wrote,

Subreddits that are large and dedicated to specific games, as well as specific sports, and narrowly focused politically related subreddits.

The current changes specifically aim at increasing the user base for Reddit. Making the homepage much more interesting would certainly excite social addicts to join the Reddit community.

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