Internet giant Google, has announced today that its Cloud Search service which was introduced as Springboard last year, will be released on the 14th February. When the service was mentioned for the first time, Google told that it will only be available for the organizations participating in the then-new early-adopter program (EAP), however, it will now be released on a larger scale very soon.

The main motive of designing this app is to bring out most suited contents and services for the user at the right time. This some-what reminds us of the Microsoft’s Office Delve app, which surfaces documents which are stored across multiple Office 365 services. Google is positive about the prospects of integrating more third-party services with them in future so as to bring more versatility to its service.

Google Cloud product manager Brent VerWeyst’s blog post says the following about the Cloud Search:

Cloud Search brings the best of Google Search and machine intelligence to G Suite. It provides both comprehensive search and proactive recommendations to help you throughout your day.

For example, when you open the Cloud Search app on your phone or laptop, you’ll see relevant information organized into simple cards (assist cards) that help you stay on top of your work. Assist cards are a new way to help you find the right information at the right time. Using Google’s machine intelligence technology, these cards can help you prepare for an upcoming meeting or even suggest files that need your attention. Assist cards are designed to be timely and relevant so that you can navigate your workday more efficiently.

As we continue to learn how information is most useful to you, we’ll be adding more assist cards to Cloud Search over time.

Apart from merely searching for information, you can also search for folks that are already listed in your company’s directory. So basically, you will be able to grab contact details from you contacts. Also available will be events and files that both of you have in common.

You can even choose to send an email, make a call, or start a Hangout with just a tap.

Now, this means that Cloud Search is a lot more than just a simple search tool for the Google Drive. The Cloud Search app will be rolling out for Android, iOS and web. However, the organizations which have worked on Cloud Search through the EAP will experience no difference, mentions VerWeyst.

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