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Apple has started  pushing out the second public beta version of the iOS 10.3. The version follows a couple of weeks after the first release of Apple’s iOS 10.3 beta. The new, second beta version packs many of the features already available with the first release, while also introducing some new changes.

For one, the Find My AirPods feature from the roster of Find My iPhone features is still there however, your personal information is now saved near the top of the settings application. There are a couple of new options available, including opting in to the iCloud Analytics to provide greater details to Apple, checking out what is taking up the iCloud storage and so on.

The animations for going to and fro from the home screen have also reportedly been revamped. So basically, new animations that come with greater detail now form part of the roster. In case all these features and new features are not to your liking, you can visit  Settings >General Accessibility and enable the “Reduce Motion” feature.

The Reduce Motion feature can also let users view various websites faster in Safari  browser. What’s more, both the beta builds will see the system of iOS devices make a switch from the HFS+  to the Apple File System (APFS). Your data, Apple says, will remain totally at your beck and call even after the switch. The company does however add that, support to some to the several 32-bit applications aid now being let go off.

Meanwhile, with the second beta already out in the public, it is only a matter of time before Apple releases the iOS 10 to the general public as well.

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