Mastercard plans to increase its investments in India, especially in the e-commerce segment. This decision has been taken by the financial services platform witnessing its growth in the country by 30 percent in the past two years. The plan to further increase its investment in the country seems like a wise idea as India has been moving towards digitization at a great pace post demonetization.

Sam Ahmed, MasterCard’s senior vice-president of marketing for Asia Pacific shed the light on the plans and said,

India is one of the top priorities in the region. We have increased our investments in India by over 30% in the last two years and we are going to increase it even more.

The company further detailed that it is currently engaged in enhancing its platform with tech innovations. Mastercard is working on facial recognition, Masterpass, and other online payment methods to be integrated with the services offered. It will further utilize government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative for marketing the corporation.

Ahmed believes that mobile penetration has increased within the nation over the years which is the key requirement for the company. He plans on supporting the digitization move briefing the consumers about the initiative. The said investments will be utilized towards the digital and e-commerce engine giving consumers what they need. The company will further pull in small businesses and merchants and outbound travelers towards the services offered.

Apart from it, Mastercard is eyeing on movie launches and sponsoring local sports towards the marketing tactics. Presently, the company has deployed Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor and his daughter Sonam Kapoor as its brand ambassadors. Speaking upon the same, Ahmed said,

Movies are such a passion in India. The area we are looking at is movie launches.

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