MWC may have lost a bit of its sheen, due to no show of traditional spotlight gatherers like Samsung to exciting young names like Xiaomi, but all is not gone. Oen of the reasons of saying that, is the massively anticipated launch of LG’s upcoming flagship, the G6.

And boy we have some fresh news, which will sure as hell excite you about this device even more.

If latest rumours from numerous sources (including CNET) are to be believed, LG’s G6 could well become the first non-Google manufactured/Pixel device to sport Google’s super awesome, Google Assistant. In its report, which CNET has compiled after gathering info from various sources, the publisher states,

LG isn’t just working with Google. It has a strong partnership with Amazon and actually intended to put its Alexa digital assistant into the G6. But it shelved the plan because it didn’t feel ready just yet.

Yonhap had earlier reported, that last year LG agreed with Google to feature the assistant and in now in the final  stage of stabilising the software before revealing the model.

A source says,

Google Assistant will be very helpful for LG Electronics when all other tech firms are  showcasing their voice assistant service. The difficult task for LG is whether the service will recognize  the Korean language.

Apart from that, a certain Korean blog has also revealed certain leaker pictures of the G6, almost confirming that the Korean giant is ditching its trademark modular form factor in favour of a metal and glass design.

If you have been following news, LG’s G6 has already surfaced online once, in pictures which seemed pretty much legit from what we could analyse. Previous leaks have pointed to much thinner bezels, which one should expect with a metal and glass design, along with a possible, non-removable battery.

And while the Korean blog leaks of course give us a better view of the G6, its actually the presence of Google Assistant, which has built up sudden excitement around the device.

LG’s upcoming flagship, which is set to debut at the MWC on February 26th, is expected to sport a large 5.7-inch display and a particularly odd resolution (2880 x 1440 pixels). The screen will have a surprising aspect ratio of 18:9 and a QHD+ resolution. As detailed by the company itself, the said aspect ratio is aimed at providing a better screen to body ratio.

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