DataRadio, a voice based social messaging feature, is the newest venture of one of India’s leading email service providing company- Datamail. Privacy and security has always been the prime concern of the company and DataRadio will allow its users to transmit their message to their followers without being worried about online abuse, spamming or even being trolled.

Datamail is world’s first service provider which allows its customer to have their Email ids in Indian languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and Marathi for free. Their motive is to connect the English speaking and non-English speaking populations together.

Ajay Data, founder and CEO of Data XGen Technologies said;

DataRadio is the fully Made in Indiaand unique social mediasolution integrated with email. Now bollywood, sports or any celebrity, and individuals can communicate with their fans and followers without worrying about their identify theft, trolling and abuse.

DataRadio will be launched as an in built feature in the Datamail application.

Mr. Data says;

User of Datamail can create a radio channel using name of his or her choice. Anyone who is aware of about name of channel can subscribe it. The broadcast message will appear in the notification sent by Datamail app. It will not come in the mail.

Mr. Data also seemed very open to feedback from the customers for making any modifications in the existing platform, as per their demand.

We will upgrade features of DataRadio based on the demand.

Meanwhile, this marks yet another innovative feature coming from one of India’s most innovative service providers. With unparalleled safety and support, and a treasure trove of unique features, the company led by Mr.Data is bringing disruption to the e-mail and the online communications landscape.

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