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Supercraft3D, an additive manufacturing 3D printing startup which is focused on healthcare and medical applications, has announced that it has raised $1 million in its seed funding round from Flipkart founder Binny Bansal, along with four other angel investors.

The company, founded last year by Maltesh Somasekharappa, offers patient-specific visualisation solutions that help hospitals, doctors and academicians get a perspective about the anatomy, among other services.

Commenting on this new funding round, Maltesh, co-founder & CEO of Supercraft3D, said,

The surgical models like X-ray, MRI or CT scan are in 2D and are monochromatic. The common man cannot understand what it says. Surgeons also find it tough at times. So, we decided to convert the se images into 3D models.

We have started the R&D for patient-specific implants. We (Asians) get very limited choices when it comes to knee implants, for example.We make implants specific to the patient based on age and lifestyle.

The startup, which is registered in Singapore, makes additive manufactured customised body implants made of bio-compatible titanium alloy. It offers implants for patients with special needs of the physician’s practice or specific to the patient’s unique physiological or pathology needs.

The company has three offerings — Medical Models, Implants, and Surgical Instruments. Medical models offer comprehensive patient-specific visualization solutions that help hospitals, doctors, and academicians get a unique perspective about the human anatomy.

Supercraft3D claims to be the first company in Asia to be able to offer additive manufactured customized body implants made of bio-compatible Titanium alloy. Along with this, it also offers customized surgical instruments and guides for special surgeries.

Binny Bansal, co-founder and CEO of Flipkart, has invested in many early-stage startups. Apart from the investment in Supercraft3D, he has invested in biotech-based 3D printing firm Pandorum Technologies, smart electric scooter maker Ather Energy, and media startup Inshorts.

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