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Google Voice is planning to introduce a new version very soon

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Taking a peek at Google’s past journey would give you a brief insight into its telephony platform ‘Google Voice,’ which debuted back in 2009. But it has since then been gutted and merged with what we have come to recognize as Hangouts. But the tech behemoth is yet again brewing something up around the long forgotten telephony service. A possible redesign and relaunch might be in the works, suggest reports.

Initially spotted by The Verge, a cohort of Google Voice users have been notified that a new version of this service is being made available to them. The official website for this telephony service has now started showing a banner atop the page, reading ‘The new Google Voice is here.’ It is accompanied with a ‘Try Now’ button but clicking the same didn’t lead anywhere.

Google has applied a redirection to the Google Voice website and users clicking the said button are either witnessing a 404 Error page or the usual website is being loaded up for regular visitors. Also, in my case, the website is redirecting to a support page with instructions to make a call using Hangouts.

In addition, if you were thinking that the tech behemoth made a mistake and nothing really in is the works then you’re hugely mistaken. It is not a total mishap on Google’s part but instead a company spokesperson has stated the following:

Sorry, it looks like we must have dialed the wrong number! But don’t worry, this wasn’t a prank call. We’re working on some updates to Google Voice right now. We have you on speed dial and we’ll be sure to share what we’ve been up to just as soon as we can.

The company diverting focus towards updating its telephony service after years of negligence points right towards its resurrection in a new avatar. It seems credible because Google has already carved out new messaging and video calling alternatives for consumers in the form of Allo and Duo last year. Also, the recent closure of Google+ Hangouts API means the company is in the process of cleaning up its calling and messaging stack.

As for speculations, one could surely expect a material design-based visual overhaul of the telephony service and its website. Google might be looking for an even tighter integration of the service with its enterprise-focused Hangouts app. It could even find its way into the consumer-focused Allo and Duo as well. Though the info is currently sparse, it has further risen our hopes for what’s to come.

Till then, here’s a brief introduction to the service in its original form:

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