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The 35 semifinalists to Hyperloop One’s global challenge include 5 Indian teams

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Hyperloop One today announced that it has chosen 35 semi– finalist teams from all over the world for its Global Challenge.

These teams hail from 17 countries and represent every continent except Antarctica. The structure goes like this – 11 teams from the United States, 5 from India and 4 from the United Kingdom.

Hyperloop plans to transport people and things all over the world at hyper speed, using a brand new technology that involves people whizzing through gigantic pipes in pods, at extremely high speeds. While the image this description may have brought to your mind may not be too comforting — Hyperloop is very confident of its abilities.

The idea behind this Global challenge is to use these minds from different places across the globe to come up with an innovative plan so as to connect with and improve upon the H1 technology as it grows.

The drill of this challenge is pretty interesting. Each team would put forward a plan with models, maps, renderings, talks and video to portray how they would carry out the policies and procedures so that government and investors get convinced to be involved in the cause (that revolves around supporting Hyperloop) within their respective boundaries.

The countries with participating teams are certainly likely candidates as Hyperloop destinations. Another fascinating fact is that the winning teams would get to “work closely with the Hyperloop One engineering and business development teams to explore project development and financing later this year”, according to a company release.

With this challenge as a backbone for Hyperloop, the company will also be able to rise and connect to other parts of the world. H1 is already planning to build the first commercial Hyperloop transportation system in the world, traveling from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Also, Connect Netherlands, an independent network working to improve mobility in that country , has announced a Dutch National Hyperloop Competition. It seems like H1 has set high profile goals for itself and is on the run to reach the pinnacle of growth and success and to connect countries worldwide. Meanwhile, lets hope that one of the Indian teams make it to the final and further.

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