At the ongoing electronics trade show, Samsung has raised the curtain from its next-gen 4K TVs, bringing in new QLED TV series. The Korean Giant adds Q9, Q8, and Q7 series TV to its CES 2017 lineup. The said TV series is a result of adoption of refined metal Quantum Dot material — delivering significant color performance and enhanced detailing.

Speaking on the release, HyunSuk Kim, President of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics said in a blog post:

2017 will mark a major paradigm shift in the visual display industry, ushering in the era of QLED,With the advent of QLED TV, we provide the most true-to-life picture on screen. We have been successful in solving for past inconsistencies in the viewing experience and consumer pain points while redefining the fundamental value of TV.

The new QLED TV series are capable of producing 100 percent color volume along side displaying DCI-P3 color space accurately. The improved color performance is visible through QLED’s peak luminance between 1,500 and 2,000 nits. Whereas the previous SUHD models were capable of 1,000 nits only. This in turn means that these new range of TVs can express a wider gamut of colors at any level of brightness.

Further, QLEDs are capable of displaying deep blacks and intricate detailing without depending upon how light or dark the scene is. The metal Quantum Dot material used in this series has also dismissed brightness issues for users by offering impeccable colors on the screen. The QLED TVs even singles out problems relating to cable and frame setting as they are equipped with a single, transparent ‘Invisible Connection’ cable. The optic fiber cable can be used to connect all peripheral devices to the TV through a breakout box.

Further, Samsung is offering two stands to choose from to the customers. The first of them is a Studio Stand that’s similar to an easel with a painting while the other one is sleek design resembling a contemporary sculpture called ‘Gravity Stand’. For those of you, who prefer mounting up monitors on wall, Samsung brings along with it ‘No-gap wall-mount’ mechanism. Through the fairly thin mechanism, TVs can be easily be tilted at different angles. With regard to it, the blog post adds,

With the QLED TV, we’ve solved problems that everyone —and every home—has experienced; cable clutter, thick wall mounts and a slew of devices sitting right under the TV,With our 2017 lineup, the focus remains where it should be—the content on the screen —not everything surrounding it.

There has been no comment over the pricing of the devices, though attendees for CES 2017 will be able to preview it.

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