With technology gripping every possible thing under its thumb, now even the Hairbrush has been retained. Beauty and healthcare giant L’Oreal has today shown off a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled smart hairbrush at CES 2017. The hairbrush is powered by Nokia-owned Withings, and named as the ‘Kerastase Hair Coach’. The word coach itself clarifies the very purpose of the brush to act as a coach guiding an individual towards hair care.

The hairbrush features an attached microphone to identify brushing patterns through a voice recognition system. The hairbrush also consists an accelerometer and a gyroscope to analyse these brushing patterns and count the number of strokes. The sensors present further identify whether the brush is being used for dry or wet hair. The brush will generate vibration alerts in order to sustain hair from over brushing. Also, it will measure the pressure applied while brushing the hair.

Guive Balooch, global VP of L’Oreal’s Research and Innovation Technology Incubator stated,

By using connected technologies to upgrade the hairbrush—something the average consumer uses every day—Withings and Kérastase have reinvented what a person’s relationship with their hair can look like and are showing how connected devices can revolutionize the beauty industry.

A connected app has also been designed by the company to help you keep track of everyday hair damage and care. The app will provide the user tips for improving hair quality along with daily routine charts. These charts will be based upon break down of daily beauty habits using algorithms developed by L’Oreal.

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A user of the brush will also be given a hair score between 1 to 100 depending upon the quality of their hair. The app will also provide Kerastase product recommendations based upon local weather info and data tracked from the hairbrush. A direct link of the products will be provided within the app diverting a user to the company’s website.

The brush would be out for sale by this autumn and would be priced under $200. The exact specs along with pricing will be notified by L’Oreal at CES. With lot of Internet of Things to be seen these days, this smart hairbrush adds to the list. Guive further said,

We really want to think about what the connected bathroom will look like in the future for the beauty industry.

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