Microsoft is all set to take Augmented Reality to next level with its latest patent received. Augmented reality (AR) till now was only seen as to project virtual information but the said patent claims that in near future it will also be channelized to function in our physical space too. The Redmond giant has been granted a patent named ‘Object Tracking’ by the U.S. Patent Application and Trademark office for its application in the real world.

The patent application states invention of such technology that will be used to track everyday items whenever they get misplaced by the use of AR. The said technology is envisioned with Microsoft’s own HoloLens augmented reality platform and will help users to find lost items. It will not only save time but also keep a track of your inanimate objects in physical space. The system will react and notify users when the said object moves. The patent application filed states as under,

The tracking of the location or other state of objects may occupy a significant amount of effort in everyday life. Further, much time may be spent in trying to locate misplaced objects. For example, searching for misplaced car keys, wallets, mobile devices, and the like may cause people to lose productive time.

Likewise, forgetting that the milk carton in the home refrigerator is almost empty may lead to an extra trip to the store that could have been avoided had the shopper remembered the state of the milk carton. In some instances, such objects may be moved, emptied, etc., by a person other than the owner, thereby complicating the task of tracking.

The news comes at the heels of Snapchat acquiring a augmented reality firm based in Israel for over $30 million. Further, reports from the International Data Corporation suggest that the market for VR and AR will grow significantly in next five years. With an annual growth rate of more than 108 percent along side 75 million units having sold by the year 2020, Microsoft is looking to bank on the same. Apple is also pushing for the growth of AR and interactions with the real world rather than transporting ourselves to the virtual world.

The patent numbered 20160381131 published on Thursday, further states that the AR headset to be made for tracking the objects will duly shrink in size in future to enhance its portability and usability. Microsoft is yet to comment upon the patent, though the company’s focus on ‘mixed reality’ is completely visible.

  1. The link to the USPTO site cites a patent named ‘content distribution system’. might be a minor copy-paste thing…

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