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The increased demand during the winter holidays has motivated AirPods manufacturer Inventec to enlarge its production capacity for the wireless headphones. As per a recent report by China’s Economic Daily News (via DigiTimes), the supplier has begun the work of expansion in a few of its manufacturing plants in Shanghai.

The report noted that Inventec had recently started expanding capacity at its Shanghai plants in order to satisfy increasing demand for the earphones and the plants are currently working overtime to deliver orders.

The initial shipping time estimates of the AirPods at the time of their launch on December 13, were calculated to be 4 weeks and then 6 weeks. Perhaps because of the highly convincing initial response from the first set of customers, who lined up outside highly under-supplied retail stores to snap up the few available pairs, manufactures are speeding up the process.

This should certainly prove to be good news to people as well as retailers, who are trying to stock up some Airpods before the the end of the winter vacations.

Christmas is proving to be lucky for many AirPod customers as the long shipping estimates that were predicted earlier in the month have improved. Customers are now expected to avail the device sooner. Inventec’s example proves that manufacturers remain committed to meet the customer demands sooner by “working overtime to deliver orders.”

Earlier this week, Tim Cook designated AirPods as “a runaway success” stressing on the fact that they are trying to produce AirPods as fast as they can, so that the unprecedented number of admirers of the device could quickly avail their pair of headphones. Apple “had a great holiday”, Tim concluded.

Well, maybe removing the headphone jack from iPhone 7 and leaving customers without much choice in the matter, also had a hand to play in Apple’s great holiday.

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