With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) just a week away, LG can’t seem to contain its excitement. Post the debut of five smartphones, the Korean giant has today shown off its latest innovation that looks like something out of a futuristic movie. It has announced a levitating portable Bluetooth speaker, called PJ9, which will be displayed at the trade show in Las Vegas.

This Bluetooth speaker has been designed to provide a 360-degree sound experience coupled with the deep bass courtesy of the subwoofer embedded inside the Levitation Station. The speaker features Dual Passive Radiator technology to deliver flush mid-range tones and crisp highs, along with IPX7 compliant. This means the Bluetooth speaker can withstand any adverse weather condition and can be submerged within water for whole 30 minutes.

As you can see in the image attached above, the egg-shaped speaker can be seen floating in the air above the turbine blade-inspired design of the Levitation Station. The floating capabilities of this speaker have been made possible thanks to powerful electromagnets embedded in the station sitting on the desk underneath the speaker.

The PJ9 creates its stunning visual effect using powerful electromagnets housed inside the Levitation Station to give the speaker its unique trait of being untouched by any surface or wires when playing.

In the official blog post, LG further mentions that levitating speaker enables you to easily play a host of content including music, podcasts, and other audio content for about 10 hours. But your biggest concern would be — what will happen to the speaker once the battery dies? It wouldn’t just start shaking mid-air and free fall onto the levitation station but instead, it will safely land on the base and then start charging automatically. This process will begin when the battery starts running low. The speaker also bakes in Multipoint technology, which enables you to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

Talking about the launch of the speaker, Brian Kwon, president and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, says,

Our latest addition to our growing lineup of premium wireless audio devices is not only eye-catching but also communicates the message that LG is serious about bringing something different to the table. We are absolutely dedicated to exploring new concepts and to pioneering innovative designs for its advanced audio products for consumers around the world, and the PJ9 is the latest example of this commitment.

Currently, LG hasn’t offered any word on the release date or pricing for the PJ9 along with the Levitation Station but it will be teased to the public at the floor show in Las Vegas. We’ll be acquainted with the details of the same at the CES trade show next week.

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