Facebook is continually enhancing the social experience for Android users. After bringing HD video upload to its Android app last week, the social media behemoth has now released the Android version of its standalone ‘Events on Facebook’ app. This app was released by the company for iOS users in October for the simplification of organizing and searching day to day events. Though the app didn’t gain much popularity, it makes party planning quite convenient.

For those of you who forgot, the app enables users to sync their phone’s calendar with the app. Thus, you can view all your day to day activities and weekend plans in a single window. Further, it notifies you about changes in events and reminds of any upcoming ones as well. You can also search for near by events and filter them on time and category basis. The app also includes an interactive map and provides event recommendations based upon previously attended occasions and pages you like.

The app keeps you updated about latest happenings around you and saves you from scrolling down your news feed. The app is now available on Google Play store for free installation. It doesn’t offer any other distinct feature when compared to its iOS version.

The standalone app was launched with a point of view that the social media giant provides a global reach to events through its platform. Hence, the app, now available for both iOS and Android, will lead to better promotion of events. Facebook claims to have 450 million users using the Events app already, with the Android version out in market it may increase its user base.

Facebook also released Live 360 feature for capturing live videos in 360 degree view recently. Moreover it now allow users to flag news in their news feed as Fake news. Facebook constantly strives towards improving its platform for its users which is seen through eventual changes and updates being bought.

The feature can be used to do webinars and much more, (If you don’t know, what is webinar – you should read this out.). The feature is said to launch some really good updates really soon.

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