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Uber seeks government approval to launch ride-sharing services in the country: Report

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After debating the aggregation rules being proposed by the Indian government, American ride-hailing giant Uber now has another plea for the authorities. This time, however, the company is propagating the message of goodwill and sustainable development. The company is now looking to gain government approval to bring its widely popular program which enables every individual to use their vehicles to provide ride-sharing on their cab aggregation platform, reports ETtech.

The ride-hailing giant is of the opinion that this alternative, which is currently prohibited by the Motor Vehicles Act, will be beneficial in the reduction of air pollution in New Delhi. I believe we are all familiar with the pollution issues currently plaguing the capital, which engulf us in the black smog every day. However, Uber wants to help curb the pollution issues by allowing users traveling in the same direction to pool together, thus cutting down on duration, fuel, and traffic simultaneously.

Commenting on the same, Shweta Rajpal Kohli, Public Policy head, Uber India, says,

We would like to work with the government to make this a reality. Services like Uber can instantly match passengers headed in the same direction at the same time, thereby reducing the number of duplicate journeys. We would, therefore, be keen to support the government in every way possible and help use carpooling and ride-sharing as solutions to address the rising pollution and congestion in the city.

Uber’s ride-sharing program is completely different from the known car pooling option, where you ride with drivers of commercial vehicles and share the ride with other commuters. But in ride-sharing, the company wants to enable private car owners to register as drivers on the cab aggregation platform. Once the verification process is complete, you’ll be able to use the Uber app to input the time of travel and route, so the system can enable prospective riders to hitch a ride with you. This program is wildly popular and has been running in the States from the very beginning.

According to sources privy to the development, Uber has already held preliminary talks with the Delhi government and the reaction to the same has been positive. The introduction of ride-sharing will also make for a feasible alternative for the 5 percent vehicle owners, as their cars remain unused for 90 percent of the time, reports Observer Research Foundation. Ride-sharing will ultimately enable the capital to cut down on fuel consumption, thus reducing toxic carbon dioxide & mono oxide emissions from vehicles, if implemented.

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  • I wouldn’t trust one word Uber says. This isn’t about pollution or anything else other than Uber trying to get their foot in the door to operate their taxis. They could care less about pollution.