Google is yet again juggling between brand names for its proprietary technology which enables users to control playback of internet media content on their compatible devices using your smartphone or computer. Yes, I’m talking about ‘Google Cast,’ for those who’re aware of the consumer branding of the same. But, the tech behemoth has reason to believe that the said branding is actually confusing for the user.

Thus, today, the company has announced that it plans to phase out the ‘Google Cast’ branding over the course of the next few weeks. And the embedded streaming technology is now being replaced by the more widely known ‘Chromecast built-in’ tag. Instead of making a swooping change to reveal the new consumer branding, Google is sticking to a calm and controlled roll out.

The Google Cast website has already been updated to make light of this rebranding. But the company has made minimal changes and added only an ‘also known as Chromecast built-in’ designation to the description of the service. This will also roll out for smart TVs from Toshiba and Vizio, which now come with Chromecast built-in instead of Google Cast. The said change was first revealed by the change in company’s Twitter username, which was followed this tweet:

The Mountain View-based tech behemoth is finally deciding on the ‘Chromecast’ branding as they believe it has more relevance and is easily recognizable as compared to Cast. Google might have also introduced the change to unify its streaming device products and lay emphasis on its hardware ambition for the future. It comes o the heels of the recent launch of its 4K-supported streaming dongle ‘Chromecast Ultra.’

This rebranding positions the company’s streaming technology at the core of the Chromecast, which is more prominently recognized by the masses. It also follows pursuit to the recent branding change for the Google Cast app, which is now called ‘Google Home.’

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