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Jaarvis Accelerator announces the launch of B2B IoT accelerator program

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Jaarvis Accelerator is set to launch India’s first six-month B2B IoT accelerator program in Bangalore and Gurgaon in partnership with Incubate Fund, Japan’s leading seed fund, with up to $50,000 investment and option of $100,000- $300,000 post program funding.

The startups will get access to the right mix of investment, support, prospective customers in Asia Pacific and inbuilt investor connect to validate their ideas and conduct pilots such that they get to develop a highly relevant and traction with prospective markets. Jaarvis Accelerator is looking to support startups that are developing a product or service that are specializing in agriculture, health, logistics, retail, energy etc.

The IoT-focused startup accelerator program will witness startups getting connected to the right hardware manufacturers, component suppliers, and other IoT ecosystem stakeholders. They will get funding up to $50,000 as a part of  the program to transform the prototype or idea into a viable business.

The first-of-its-kind accelerator program with Incubate Fund as an integral part of the program includes pre & post program seed investment option. It will enable startups to access some of the best mentors from financial institutions as well as for business planning, strategy, marketing etc. When ready they will approach the global financial institutions to validate idea and conduct pilots and these institutions will also be their first set of customers.

With the accelerator program, the participating startups will be provided with a best-in-class fully furnished office with meeting rooms, startup lounge, Cafeteria besides IT infrastructure in Gurgaon or Bangalore.

Jaarvis Accelerator arranges specially curated demo days to bring incubated startups in front of the most relevant global early stage investors for the seed funding. It believes the right visibility in the ecosystem makes all the difference which is why it will offer backend legal, social media, finance and HR support to make the startup journey as smooth as possible. Also, startups will get access to the best media network for the right push where they need to get noticed.

Jaarvis Accelerator takes early stage technology-based startups and helps them rapidly build a sustainable business. It guides and provides concrete plans for development, marketing and customer acquisition. The startups have total independence in deciding which services to use, leveraging the defined starting points and playbook to create a comprehensive tailored program to ensure success.

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