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Nintendo’s mini NES comes out today and here’s all you need to know

nintendo mini nes
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Nintendo is bringing back the glory days for you retro game fanatics with the brand new version of the truly classic NES console. And we’re here to tell everything you need to know about it.

Long before Sony or Microsoft had ever dreamed of stepping into the gaming sector by producing games consoles, Nintendo was the undisputed champion and held the crown in the industry.

The Japan-based gaming organisation brought proper video gaming to the mainstream household with the Nintendo Entertainment System(NES), which released in Europe back in 1986. And now that original gaming technology is ready for a 2016 reboot in a mini version.

The classic NES is back in a familiar-yet-new form as a mini replica of Nintendo’s original home console,

Nintendo said on its website

And it goes without saying that a certain amount of updates have been made to suit the 21st-century technical compatibilities. But the company has made sure it remains abundantly faithful to the original console. Nostalgia will be the felt worldwide(and by thatIi mean mostly just the US and UK) today.

As for now, don’t expect an official release for India as Nintendo has always been rather hesitant towards considering the Indian market for it’s products. And when you come to think of it, there really isn’t much of a market here in the country for them.

How it works

Like you had to in the original NES console, there’s no more of a need to go hunting for an RF port on the back of your flat screen LED. Safe to assume that no modern TV would have one anyway. Instead of that, the mini NES works just like how modern consoles do – over HDMI. There will be one included in the box and, once it’s plugged in, you’ll have both the video and audio handled. No more of the audio video hassle like in the old days.

The classic 80’s controllers also make a return and these will need to be plugged into the easily visible front ports of the console. Afraid there’s no PS4, Xbox or Wii wireless gaming here, folks, the wired bit stays.

The games

Instead of pulling out all of their old cartridges and shrinking them down to fit the mini console, Nintendo has gone ahead with stuffing 30 different games directly into the systems memory.

The full list can be found here. And don’t worry, plenty of your old favourites have made the list. For example the original Super Mario Bros as well as Super Mario Bros 3 are included. The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Castlevania, Final Fantasy and the good old yellow blob, Pac-Man has also made the cut.

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