Allowing noobs and returning fans to take on massive fire-breathing dragons, install impressive mods and, let’s not forget, take an arrow to the damn knee, Skyrim Special Edition has been received with a majority of positive reviews.

However, there are some annoying problems within the game, including an audio quality issue which made the game sound significantly less clear on both the PC and Xbox One. Although the game’s developer Bethesda Studios has released an update patch to fix this issue(among all other problems), players on both the mentioned platforms are now reporting that the latest patch has introduced a plethora of new problems of its own.

According to the players reporting the new problems, patch 1.1 on PC and 1.03 on consoles is the culprit. The biggest problem that is being reported by most players is consistent game crashes, that too with the players of both the modded and the non-modded versions of Skyrim Special Edition mentioning that after they load a save file, the game will just freeze. Apart from this, certain players are also saying that the patches, which were initially meant to resolve a problem with NPCs not showing up in the correct places have instead led to further issues with NPCs. Other issues like those of dropping frame rates, texturing troubles and problems with quests have also been reported.

On the bright side, just hours after players began to make these complaints across Steam and social media, Bethesda immediately released a beta patch 1.2 on PC. The update fixes “noted concerns,” according to Bethesda, and includes certain fixes for an “issue related to using alt-tab while playing the game,” an “issue with water flow not rendering properly,” and the crashes which took place after turning into a human from the werewolf form and reloading after “changing the Load Order of mods” too.

While there are many PC players who have openly praised Bethesda for responding so quickly to fix the issues, others continue to have understandable concerns, pointing towards Bethesda’s controversial new review policy. The publisher does not make review copies available to the media until just one day before launch any longer and the biggest argument from certain gamers is that critics should be given much earlier access to the release version of the game in order to highlight bugs like these.

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