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Prisma extends support for its artistic video filters to Facebook Live

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Coming on the heels of the announcement that Facebook is currently testing AI-powered real-time artistic filters in its app, Prisma is also joining in on the fun. Standing by its promise of delivering live video filters before Facebook, the company has today updated its iOS app with the said functionality in tow. You’ll now be able to stream artistic filter laden videos on Facebook Live.

Once you’ve updated the application, only on iOS for the moment, you’ll be greeted with a new ‘Live Stream’ button when you switch from photos to video capturing mode in the app. You’ll need to be logged into your Facebook account on the Prisma app to start using the native livestreaming feature. To start off, Prisma is making only a handful of filters – eight, to be specific – to enable you to stream your bust in the form of Van Gogh’s artistic style.

According to Prisma founder and CEO Aleksey Moiseenkov, this real-time filtering process is a memory intensive exercise. Since the video undergoes processing in the background on the device, there are certain constraints to the output based on different devices. Thus, unfortunately it has currently been limited to iPhone 6s and 7 owners. The team is now planning to port the functionality and make it available for powerful Android phones.

We are working in a direction that we always considered important. We want to change the way people communicate with each other using the most advanced and new technology. We believe that even a small company can achieve great results,

says Moiseenkov in a statement.

For those unaware, Facebook yesterday also announced that it has baked an AI into their mobile app to enable the conversion of videos into artistic pieces in real-time. This has been made possible due to the amalgamation of two technologies, namely Caffe2Go runtime and style transfer platform. Google is also said to working on something similar, making use of style transfer technology. These development please the founder as the tech behemoths of the Valley are now building on the technology that was popularized by their app ‘Prisma.’

In addition to integrating the Facebook Live API into their app, Prisma is now working towards integrating support for GIFs, social sharing and reducing offline processing time. The company has assured that support for offline video processing is coming to Android sooner than expected.

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