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Twitter is updating its Apple TV app to make Live Streaming more social

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Apple is currently live from Bill Graham Civic Auditorium and we’re waiting for the tech behemoth to unveil the next-gen MacBooks. But before unveiling its hardware innovations, Apple has set out to give us an insight into its update for Apple TV. And the company is working on bringing a unified TV experience to all users.

But, something unexpected just happened at the event. Something that you wouldn’t have seen coming from far away. CEO Tim Cook just introduced to us the updated Apple TV ‘Twitter’ app that’ll make your watching experience more social and communicable.

Ryan Terry, Product Manager at Twitter stepped up on the stage to introduce us to this lovely application which will bring Twitter Live to the big screen. You will now be able to enjoy every football/basketball game streaming on the micro-blogging platform right on your Apple TV.

And not just that, with the swipe of a button on the Siri remote, you’ll be able to pull in real-time updates from the Twitter feed corresponding to that game and trending tag. This will help you see what your friends, family and the audience in general, is saying about the game. This real-time feed will also show you stats, polls, GIFs and video snippets natively.

This application will also allow you to simultaneously stream Periscope live streams right within the same view as the game. You will also be able to interact with any tweet in the real-time Twitter feed. To reply to any particular tweet, you can use the Siri remote to command the app to ‘Send Tweet from iPhone’ and the Twitter app will open on that particular tweet and you can start typing away your reply.

Twitter has already partnered with NBA, NHL, news streams from Bloomberg and Presidential updates from Buzzfeed. This is just the bare bones, and the company is looking to add more partners in the coming months. It has also jumped in line to acquire digital broadcasting rights from India’s IPL as well. The company also announced its third quarter earnings today, and they exceeded earnings expectations.

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