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You’ll no longer need to refer to the upcoming Windows 10 update as ‘Redstone 2’ as Microsoft has finally revealed the official name for the same. At the Surface Event in New York, the Redmond giant has taken center stage to emphasize the importance of creativity and innovation in daily life.

So, the upcoming Windows 10 update will be dubbed as ‘Creators Update’ and is expected to ship this coming Spring. This update will be available to all existing and new Windows 10 users for free. Commenting on the name of the latest build, Terry Myerson, Executive VP at Microsoft says,

Windows 10 Creators Update is all about creating and playing.

Now, since you’ve been acquainted with the name of the upcoming Windows 10 update, let’s jump in and talk about the new features it will introduce to you, the users.

1. 3D for Everyone

With this Windows 10 update, Microsoft is planning to help anyone of us unleash the 3D creator hidden within us. The inclusion of 3D support in the operating system will help accelerate creativity in three-dimension instead of the boring and lifeless 2D. This has been tagged with the title ‘Imagine what you’ll do’.

Redmond wants you to change your perspective and be able to save your temporary memories and make it into a permanent thing, which you can live anytime you feel like. Thus, Microsoft is finally updating its clunky old Paint app which no one uses anymore to support object viewing, creation, and sharing.

To know more about Paint 3D, click here to read our previous coverage. We’ll update this post with more info until then.

Microsoft also believes that you need something more to experience these 3D creation up close and at a more personal level. So, the company has not only updated its AR headset Holo Lens and Edge browser to support and view your 3D creations — which you can upload on Microsoft has also surprised and received catcalls from the audience with the introduction of its first-ever VR headset. Yes, you definitely read it right. A FRICKIN’ VR HEADSET!!!

The Redmond giant has partnered with third-party manufacturers Lenovo, DELL, Acer, Asus and HP to sell this VR headset for a meager $299. Isn’t that just awesome!?

2. Gaming

The second addition to the Windows 10 Creators Update revolves around the enhancement of Gaming experience, specifically e-sports and game broadcasting. This will become the center of this Windows 10 update. Microsoft has detailed its strategy for Xbox Gaming on Windows 10 via these 3 core segments:

  • Broadcasting: With the Creator Update, Microsoft is building the broadcast tech right into Windows 10. The Redmond giant is putting its acquisition of Beam to good use and planning to make everyone running the latest update of Windows 10 to become a game streamer. You can also view broadcasts streaming on Beam right within the Xbox companion app.
  • Custom Tournaments: While focusing on gaming, the company hasn’t forgotten to remind you to take your friends along with you. With the Creator Update, you’ll be able to create custom tournaments on Xbox Live to compete directly against your friends. Once you create an event and send out invites, the timer will start and you will be able to enjoy the game with friendlies.
  • Enhanced Audio Support: This update brings in support for Dolby Atmos audio to give you that depth and experience of being right within the game.

3. My People

Taking the stage, Microsoft says that ‘magic happens when we collaborate with our co-workers, when we collaborate with friends.’ Thus, the Redmond giant is placing(who’re most important to you) at the heart of the Windows 10 Creators Update software experience. This also confirms our previously reported rumors of the introduction of a ‘People Bar’ in the upcoming update.

My People is completely based around sharing and communication between the most near and dear friends of yours. It shows the top five of your contacts in the taskbar on the right, next to the shortcut and time options. Using this, you can easily share files, info and messages with your contacts right from this section. It has been designed so that you never miss any important update from a few key people in your life.

And even if you do, the company has also built in a shoulder tap(or nudge) option that allows you to make people remember to check up on you and to invoke responses from them.

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