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The Last Guardian finally goes gold, on track for December 9 release

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Rejoice humanity! The years of waiting and praying are finally over. The title says it all, genDesigns Team Ico’s decade worth of hard work has finally come to a conclusion. The Last Guardian has officially gone gold. This news came to light by a tweet from Sony Japan producer Jun Yoshido.

After pretty much a decade of being in the ups and downs of production and going through the numerous dregs of game development hell, gaming fans all over the world are now looking forward to director Fumito Ueda’s highly anticipated(understatement) title, The Last Guardian. According to a now-deleted tweet from Sony Japan producer Jun Yoshido, Team Ico’s and genDESIGN’s The Last Guardian has finally gone gold.

While the ‘first’ official tweet is no longer available, the not-so-subtle message from Yoshido obviously referred to The Last Guardian, reading, “Gone gold. Waddup”. As for writing, there has been no reasonable explanation yet as to why the Sony producer has taken down this specific post on Twitter, that too in such haste. But even so, it’s definitely more than enough to cause an uproar for the fans of one of the most anticipated games of 2016. This tweet is sure to provide them with a sigh of relief that it’s finally going to be released to the public soon.

Despite it’s most recent delay(amongst its numerous other delays) which pushed The Last Guardian from its October release and gave it a new launch date of December 9, the beautiful action-adventure title ought to be launching on the PlayStation 4 before the end of the year has completed. Now of course, what remains to be seen is whether or not it will be worth that massive 10-year long wait.

Considering all that it’s been through, the majority gaming fans and sure as even the developers will be psyched to simply see The Last Guardian finally make its way right out of the development darkness and onto our close by store shelves. Hopefully, this partnership between Sony Interactive Entertainment’s JapanStudio, Team Ico, and genDESIGN will result in one of the most memorable video game titles to date.

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