The concept of modular smartphones was first popularized by Google(with Motorola in tow) but LG Electronics was the very first brand to actually design and launch a modular phone — the G5. It was possibly one of the most innovative modular solutions of 2016, but the reviews were a mixed bag.

Though this was a great effort on part of LG, it believes that the module aspect of the smartphone was not well executed and was hindered due to unavailability of hot-swap modules. These claims were further topped off by the sales figures which reiterated the same unsuccessful attempt of the company. Thus, reports from Korea’s

Thus, reports from Korea’s Electronic Times now suggest that LG will forgo its modular design strategy with its upcoming flagship device called G6. The smartphone is expected to release in 2017 and will follow pursuit to V20, which has been kept far away from modularity. It even ditched the complacent ‘Friends’ ecosystem idea with the release of this smartphone.

It is heard that LG Electronics has decided not to modularize its next Smartphone. Corresponding products such as boards and audio chips are currently being prepared accordingly,

say sources privy to the matter.

They also suggest that LG Electronics is very concerned about losing trust from markets due to its withdrawal from the modularization strategy. But, the company is also not planning to take risk with another incompetent device that doesn’t sell well on the market. The boat currently seems to be rocking both sides for the Korean giant.

The rumor mill believes that LG which most likely deliver a normal, regular smartphone design to reap the benefits of a stable product. The manufacturers are giving up on the complications and cost of building a modular phone due to disinterest from the masses.

With the immenent demise of LG G5, the modular smartphone market will be led by Moto Z and its hot swap modules called ‘MotoMods’. Google has recently also taken the easy way out and shuttered its modular smartphone project called ‘Ara’. The tech behemoth is however ready to licence its technology to other researcher, innovators and manufacturers looking to develop a modular smartphone.

Modularity, though, is a great idea and gives you the power to choose the features you need on your smartphone. But, it seems that the world is still not ready to make this decision for themselves. So, no modular smartphone for now!

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