Smart keybox

The process of renting your house via Airbnb is simple, but does installation of smart locks seem complicated and troublesome? Singapore-based igloohome which gained huge success with its smart lock device, has now come up with another solution for the home owners.

It is rolling out Smart Keybox for property owners or short-term rental hosts who wants to retain their old keys and avoid the cumbersome process replacing their conventional door locks. The inconvenience of key exchanges and high utility bills has been a matter of worry for Airbnb hosts, and hence, the product comes as a savior to effortlessly vanish these problems.

The product is basically a lock box that allows homeowners to store up to six keys or seven key cards. It can then be mounted onto walls or secured to door handles and railings. The keybox is suitable for residential homes, service apartments, hostels, car-sharing, and more.

Homeowners can generate a PIN code via the app and may send to the guests to unlock the Keybox. The code automatically expires after a preset date by the owner. Also, if you are a Airbnb host you can integrate igloohome account with their Airbnb calendar at US$9.90 per month. The PIN codes and their expiration dates will then be generated automatically.

You can also unlock Smart Keybox via smartphone via Bluetooth once it is within range and no internet connection is required. The igloohome Smart Keybox is currently available for pre-order at launching cost of S$229 (US$165) in few countries, including Japan, Korea, Australia and certain parts of Southeast Asia. It is expected to be available by early 2017.

Co-founder of igloohome Walter Wang, in a press release, said,

The Keybox can be used by real estate agents to let different clients into properties for viewing, by staff on shift in the office, or even by homeowners to store their keys as a back-up. There is huge potential for the Keybox.

Founded in 2015 and now incorporated in the US, igloohome has launched its smart solution to the US, Australia, Thailand and Singapore. It has secured US$1.25 million in a seed round led by Wavemaker Partners and has also partnered with Airbnb to be its preferred ‘Keys & Access’ vendor.


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