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Nintendo to officially reveal its latest game system ‘NX’ today

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Yes, you read that title absolutely right. Nintendo has finally decided to pull the curtains of their latest game system, codenamed NX. Nintendo has done a successful job keeping NX under wraps, shrouded with a cloud of mystery and numerous fan speculations. But the time for speculations is over. In about a few hours from now, you’ll be feasting your eyes upon Nintendo’s secret weapon.

The gaming giant stated on Wednesday evening that it would unleash its highly anticipated new gaming system, codenamed NX, via a “preview trailer” which will be uploaded to its website at 10 a.m. Eastern time Thursday morning sharp, October 20. So turn your phone reminders on, you wouldn’t want to miss this.

Nintendo announced the existence of NX first back during March 2015. Since then, it has remained completely silent about the new platforms design or features. Is it a handheld? A home console? A hybrid of both? My money’s on the latter (As Nintendo calls it a “home system” on its website and also on several other occasions). But then again, Nintendo’s said pretty much nothing.

In July, Eurogamer reported rumours that supported the fact that the NX would be a portable tablet style console with controllers (that could be removed) which allowed for multiplayer fun, and one that could also dock on to a television set.

With a major shareholder meeting coming up later this very month, it seems like Nintendo doesn’t want to waste anymore time in finally taking the lid off of NX. It can then begin discussing its prime selling features with their investors and the media.

But Nintendo’s announcement, which came to light via email, looks like it’s really trying hard to keep expectations low, using phrases such as “first glimpse” and “preliminary announcement”. The company’s own Japanese-language Twitter says that the video will be a mere 3 minutes long. So how much will we even actually learn about NX? We’ll know very soon.

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