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Samsung Singapore has announced yet another update on exchange and refund options for the Galaxy Note 7 devices. Customers can either exchange their device for a Galaxy S7 edge 4G+, and receive a $250 cheque or may receive a refund.

The smartphone series turned into a fiasco since the reports of devices catching fire and exploding started doing the rounds. This resulted in huge losses for the multinational company and a lot of flak from the masses. The company pulled about 2.5 million handsets worldwide of its flagship device barely two months after its launch including tens of thousands of units in Singapore. It issued replacement Note7 devices, but even the replaced models were reported exploding. Now all it aims is to not to lose its customers and is trying to keep its head above waters to maintain its brand credibility.

Last week, it had asked customers to stop using the smartphone due to unresolved fire concerns, and announced that it would offer refunds and exchanges to customers in the island-state. In the latest update, Samsung says those who want a refund will get back $1,168, which is the retail price of the Note7. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, another flaship device, retails for $1,098.

Samsung says customers using either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 should power down and stop using the device immediately. It is encouraging them to take advantage of the exchange and refund options which are available to all Galaxy Note7 customers, regardless if they purchased their original device from telecommunication operators, consumer electronics stores, authorised retailers, Samsung Official Store at or Samsung Experience Stores, and do not affect any pre-existing contract that the Galaxy Note7 owner has with the telecommunication operators.

Customers can select their preference on Samsung’s website from Oct 26. Users will be asked for their home address and details so that their Note7 can be picked up, and a refund or a replacement Galaxy S7 edge delivered. Samsung Concierge customers who opt to exchange their Galaxy Note7 device for the Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ will have their Samsung Concierge services transferred to their Galaxy S7 edge 4G+ and take effect from the date of the exchange. While those customers opting for a refund for their Galaxy Note7 will receive a S$38 for their Samsung Concierge.

While, in US, Samsung is giving customers a US$100 (S$139) bill credit if they switch to another Samsung device. If they choose another brand of device or ask for a refund, they get a smaller bill credit of US$25 on their next purchase.

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