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There is fresh acquisition news coming out from Google. The Alphabet subsidiary has just announced the acquisition of Famebit — a technology platform company that helps creators and brands find and work with each other through sponsorships and paid promotion.

Pretty much clear from the onset, Famebit acquisition has been done to help Youtube creators earn more revenues from their creations. Despite all of Google’s efforts to ramp up both — its won as well as creators’ — revenues, there has been little success. With inclusion of Famebit, Google is hoping to increase those number sand continue to stay relevant for creators to post content with motive of earning.

This becomes even more important at times when Facebook is increasingly gaining a stronghold over the video domain.

This acquisition however doesn’t change the way creators currently work with third-party products for advertisement and revenues. Ariel Bardin, Vice President, Product Management has made it clear,

Creators will always have the choice in how they work with brands, and there are many great companies who provide this service today. This acquisition doesn’t change that. Our hope is that FameBit’s democratized marketplace will allow creators of all sizes to directly connect with brands, as well as provide a great technology solution for companies like MCNs and agencies to find matches for their creators and brand partners.

According to TechCrunch, FameBit was backed by Los Angeles startup studio Science, Inc.

In today’s announcement on their own blog post, Famebit founders David Kierzkowski and Agnes Kozera said that the platform has bene used to create close to 25,000 branded videos with over 2 billion minutes of watch time, arising from the platform.

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