Galaxy Upgrade Program, Note 7

It seems like Samsung has finally paid heed to all the hullabaloo surrounding its explosive flagship device, the Galaxy Note 7. The Korean giant has officially confirmed that it has “permanently discontinued” production and sales of the Galaxy Note 7. It has finally pulled the plug on its faulty ‘explosive’ devices.

The development was first reported by WSJ, but has since been corroborated by all major media houses on the interwebs. A Samsung spokesperson confirmed the death of its bulky ‘Galaxy Note 7‘ smartphone and said,

We can confirm the report that Samsung has permanently discontinued the production of Galaxy Note7.

Though the company hasn’t provided any additional statements, but according to a regulatory filing that explains discontinuation of production cites customer safety as the top priority in this widly out-of-hand case. In the same filing, Samsung says that,

taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, [so] we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7.

After continuously reporting about one explosion(or fire) after another, these are the ultimate orders that we’ve waiting for Samsung to dispense for a very long time. The company has earlier announced that it was halting global sales until an in-depth investigation of the problematic Note 7s, which continued exploding even after replacement.

Prior to this, there have been speculations that the company was temporarily halting production of the Note 7 but the same had been debunked who — unable to accept the fate of the device — stated that the company introducing minor ‘adjustments’ to the production process. But, within 24 hours of these reports, Samsung has sort-of confirmed that they’re unable to figure out the cause of the battery fires.

And there’s also no explanantion that the company can give to justify the critical manufacturing flaw — that too twice. Samsung initially blamed a battery problem that caused the anode and cathode to touch, overheat and explode as the cause for the flaw. It, thus, changed battery suppliers and started investigating the issue with the first battery. And in the hindsight, even the replaced Galaxy Note 7s started to catch fire and cause mass panic among the populous.

Ever since the announcement of the final decision of the company, its share prices have skyrocketed in the downward direction, with a 7.5 per cent decrease in prices. The whole exploding Note 7 fiasco has reportedly wiped off a whopping $17 billion(earlier speculations were $26 billion) of market value for Samsung.


Galaxy Note 7 was the one smartphone that Samsung has hoped would compete with the latest iPhone 7, but instead the phone became a ticking bomb and completely blew off consumer trust in their products. The sole global recall process of over 2.5 million devices costed the company a hefty billion dollars, and the story just doesn’t end there.

The company will now need to spend some time investigating the exploding devices to get to the root cause, and save themselves from a similar embarresment during their next flagship launch of Galaxy S8. This will the smartphone (the final straw) that will make or break the trust of the people in the brand ‘Samsung’.

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