Google today released a brand new version of its Search app for iOS. The updated Google Search includes a number of performance enhancements and new features. The biggest of them all, though, is the built-in incognito mode that will enable users to privately browse the Internet.

Before talking about the main attraction, let’s first look at all the new upgrades the Search app is bringing along. According to Google, the latest version of Search has got a tonne of performance improvements and increased stability on iOS 10. This, Google says, makes the app twice as reliable as any of the earlier versions.

Google is also launching an integrated YouTube playback within the app, so that you no longer need to open YouTube videos in a browser or on YouTube’s native app. This update was long in coming as it will save users the trouble of clicking on links in search and then switching apps in order to watch it.

The incognito mode is something most people have been pestering Google to add into its Search app for a while now. Sure, using a browser is always an option. But then, there are many who use Google Search as the entry point into the web via their smartphones. Addressing this, Google has finally added private browsing to its Search app.

Surprisingly, Search stands higher than Chrome in the App Store rankings — #2 Utility and #30 in overall applications versus Chrome’s #3 and #34 slots in Utilities and Overall, respectively. As such, these features will only serve to provide a significant portion of Google audience with better and more efficient service.

That’s not all though. The incognito mode is also protected by Touch ID, so that only you can have access to your active private session. Getting into an incognito session is also quite simple, just toggle on the incognito mode option in the Settings and voila, Search will no longer remember your browsing history.

The feature also makes us of 3D Touch to perform various functions, like starting off a new session or closing an existing one.

The updated version of Search with all these new enhancement is currently available for download on the App Store.


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