Google made an announcement at SMX East in New York City, that its Optimize 360 service is getting a new free version that anyone can use. The company also made several other announcements that revolved around analytics including a global roll out of Data Studio, new Tag Manager data sources and more.

Apparently, the company is releasing a host of new features and product tests for both the free and paid versions of Google’s analytics suite. The biggest announcement, by far, is the new, free beta version of Optimize 360.

The web giant first introduced this tool earlier this year after the release of the Analytics 360 Suite. The reporting tool was still in beta stage then but not everyone could get their hands on it. Starting today, however, users can request an invite to the beta.

If you don’t already know about it, Google Optimize is a landing page testing and optimization tool that integrates directly with Google Analytics. The service is now going into a free closed beta globally.

Around the same time as Google released the optimize 360 Suite, the company also rolled out a free version of Data Studio 360 in beta. The tool was available exclusively in the US, though. Now, however, the company is making Data Studio 360 global.

For users that make use of data sources like Google Analytics, AdWords, Google Sheets etc, Google is also releasing a set of new report templates next month. These will make building and sharing reports much easier.

The tech giant is also introducing a new metric called session quality score that uses machine learning to “predict the likelihood of a visitor making a transaction (purchase) on your site or app.” This tool, rather surprisingly, will also be available for both the free and paid users of Google Analytics.

Finally, the company is adding 20 new integrations with the likes of Quantcast, Twitter, Bing, Nielsen and others to its list of Tag Manager 360 data sources. The tag templates will start rolling out in the next few weeks. This means that users will no longer have to use custom HTML tag type to add the tracking pixels for these services.


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