Ever wished that everything in the retail store was well organized and could be found easily? Well, the revolutionary new shopping application Ubamarket will breeze you through the inconvenience of long checkout queues and disorganized store displays. With this online retail platform, you will be buzzed right into the center of the transaction.  

The functionality of this app is pretty simple: type in your shopping list, enter the supermarket of your choice, and the app will do the rest for you. It will even rearrange the shopping list as the items are located in store for ease of access! The app’s scanner then allows you to input item bar-codes so that you can easily keep track of your spending.

When you’re done purchasing everything that you need for that house party or back-to-school supplies, you can bypass the long lines by tapping your smartphone on a payment point, and walk out with the day’s finds in hand. What more could one want from an easy shopping experience?


Will Broome, founder and CEO of this retail app, has been extremely thorough with his research. Finding that the main issues shoppers have are with the endlessly long queues and the impossibility of finding the desired item in shops, as well as the difficulty of verifying the freshness of produce while online grocery shopping, he hit upon this idea.

Speaking to GrowthBusiness, Broome reveals the heart of this app is a smart combination of the online-offline shopping experience.


The Ubamarket app is a win-win for both, shoppers and stores. By putting the consumer in control of their own shopping experience, Ubamarket makes their visit to the supermarket a lot less hassle and a lot more satisfaction. The supermarket, therefore, reaps in the benefits of increased loyalty, more targeted and relevant customer offers, and big data analysis the likes of which have never been available before. Participating stores have to pay only a nominal set-up fee and an annual license fee, which is a prudent, affordable way to offer a more sophisticated in-store retail experience to their customers.


Broome is highly enthusiastic about the idea of expanding the reach of this enterprise, and says:

I want Ubamarket to be the industry standard in-store app and promotional tool for convenience stores and medium-sized retailers around the world. We have interest in the UK, US and India already so we’ve really captured people’s imagination with our concept and the app’s fantastic user experience. In five years, I would like to be in several thousand stores.

We surely hope so too! If the application really picks up, it has the potential of really easing out the whole shopping experience for a lot of people.


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