The moment when an Android device comes up from its makers to weaponise all droid lovers against iPhone fan boys, is now just around the corner(2 weeks away!!). Google has today sent out press invites for its hardware launch event on October 4th. The Mountain View-based tech giant is likely to announce its upcoming ‘Pixel’ smartphone series at the event.

If you’re unaware, Pixel is the brnading used by Google to define the hardware products designed and made by the company itself, and not in partnership with any OEMs like LG or HTC. And the website URL, this time around, also points towards the simple fact that the company is finally ready to unveil its home-brewed smartphones to the world.

Though CEO Sundar Pichai had previously denied any possibilities of a Google-made smartphone, but the Pixel branding has long been synonymous to hardware innovations by the company(chromebooks!). So, we should probably gear up to see two brand spanking new smartphones at the launch event.

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Now, I know, some of you might be scratching your heads over the repetitive use of ‘Pixel’ alongside smartphone. Well, let me get you upto speed before we talk any further. There have recently been speculations that Google is phasing out the Nexus branding in favor of the Pixel name. The two upcoming smartphones from Google — Marlin and Sailfish, will now be branded as Pixel(smaller, 5-inch display) and Pixel XL(larger, 5.5-inch display).

The internet has been abuzz with rumors about specifications of the two new smartphones. The tipsters are reporting that the smartphones will host the brand new Snapdragon 821 SoC, 4 gigs of RAM, fingerprint sensor, two-tone backs, 12 MP(back) and 8 MP front cameras. It is also speculated to bump internal storage, like the iPhones, and be available in two — 32GB and 128GB — variants.

In addition to this, like every year, Google is also suspected to introduce the next generation of Chromecast devices — that are 4K compatible. There have also been subtle hints about the company working on a new Pixel chromebook as well. So, nothing could be better than a peek at the new Android-powered ‘Pixel’ tablet at the hardware launch event.

Google, alongside the website, has also dropped a teaser video to announce the ‘much’ anticipated launch event:

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This will surely be an interesting event, thanks to the incessant leaks and rumors about the Nexus(oh…no..PIXEL) smartphones that Google will announce at the event. I’m beyond excited!!

So mark your calenders for 4th October, 9:00 a.m PT(9:30 p.m IST), and don’t forget to return for a full in-depth coverage on The Tech Portal.

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