It has been an eventful day at Apple. iPhone 7 is finally officially out. We’ve got a much improved Apple Watch, a whole new product range from Apple in the form of Airpods. However, what we also saw, is a long overdue edition to Apple’s productivity suite iWork — real time collaboration.

Apple’s iWork suite of tools, which includes Pages, numbers and keynote among other smaller stuff, has largely been getting minuscule updates. And while it already has minimal usage when compared with a Microsoft Office or even Google Docs, users have been complaining to Apple for the neglect it has been showing towards developing its iWork suite. Well, that suite, is getting a huge update today, in the form of real time collaboration.

On stage, the company’s VP for product management Susan Prescott — who also happens to be the first ever female presenter at an Apple event — demoed how multiple people can work in tandem, via the new real-time collaboration feature. You can invite your colleagues/friends to edit that long due presentation for you, in real-time. And you can do that, by involving your group of colleagues or your friends.


The new feature will be cross platform, and works seamlessly across all of Apple product with iWork suite. And while this could be of great use to businesses of course, Apple stuck towards showing how this could go well with the education sector, considering that it has been known more for its efforts in this domain, and much lesser in the business front.

As for upgrade roll-out, the updated apps are shipping almost instantly, with you getting them via the regular notification update.

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