NEO, as it was called up till today, has been in the talks ever since its first announcement during 2014’s E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo). Today, during Sony’s live conference, we’ve finally been allowed lay our eyes upon the magnificent beast and here’s everything we have learned about it.

It’s called the Playstation 4 Pro, it’ll be available beginning from November 10th this year priced at $399(Approx Rs. 26000). Expect a delayed launch and higher price(as usual) for India. The new, more powerful system will compliment the PS4. There aren’t many changes in it’s architecture so expect similar looks. The pS4 pro will be targeted at much more High-End graphic and frame rate hungry players. A decent strategy to get current PC gamers involved as well.

Apart from this, Sony also announced a non-enhanced and slimmer version of the ps4, the Ps4 Slim which will be available for $299(Approx Rs. 20000) beginning from September 15th this year.

Any and all old or upcoming PS4 games will be playable across all 3 systems. Which is definitely good news for all current PS4 owners and all prospective PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro owners.

The Playstation 4 pro holds twice the amount of graphic power as compared to its predecessor, the PS4 and also has the capability to improve the graphic quality of already released games. What’s more is that unlike the current PS4, the Playstation 4 Pro will support 4K resolution. The Pro even has a 1 Terrabyte hard disk, double the capacity of the existing version.

To showcase the power and capacity of the new console, Sony displayed recorded In-game footage from several new games such as Watchdogs 2, Deux Ex: Mankind Divided and Killing Floor 2. It also displayed the impact of HDR gaming with an exciting new demo of Days Gone and Infamous: First Light. The highly-anticipated(understatement) new game by Bioware, Mass Effect: Andromeda got an extended demo as well(Hype!), complete with a dark, geometric alien cave-scape.

“Forward compatibility” was a new term used by Sony to describe a new patching process that will graphically enhance all old and new titles to tailor to the needs of all high-end gamers who’ll be gaming on this beast of a system from now on. To provide the audience with a glimpse what forward compatibility looked like, Sony showed a comparison of how the new console can improve existing games including Paragon, Shadow of Mordor and For Honor using standard 1080p TVs.

There was another demo that showed off the new and improved capability of the Pro to deliver VR gaming in conjunction with thePlayStation VR, which will be arriving next month.

Sony also stated that the PS4 Pro will have a brand new Netflix app immediately at launch, complete with the 4K and HDR capability. Which means that the Xbox One S finally has some company.

The company further added that the existing PS4 consoles will also be HDR capable with the arrival of an upcoming firmware update sometime during week of September 12.

So stay tuned for any further updates as currently is a developing story.

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