Google’s Nexus 7 tablets were popular, especially the Nexus 7 2013 due to its form factor, solid hardware and lower price. But, the tablets — due to ongoing market trends — were discontinued last year. Thats going to end though, as the Nexus (or Pixel?) tablets, are reportedly making a comeback.

According to Evan Blass, who has successfully predicted gadget launches earlier — specially Android, has now said that Google is working on the successor of Nexus 7.

As per the report, Google has partnered with Huawei for manufacturing on its 7-inch tablet. @evleaks further said that the device will come with 4GB of RAM but other specs remains unknown.

Reportedly named Nexus 7P, the naming also seems to be following the current naming scheme of Nexus devices. Huawei has even filed a trademark for the “7P”.

However, we are not sure if the device will be carrying the “Nexus” branding. As we earlier reported, Google seems to be moving away from “Nexus” branding. In fact, the upcoming smartphones from Google, which are being made by HTC, will come with the “Pixel” branding. Reportedly, the upcoming devices are named Pixel and Pixel XL.

Google is currently offering only one tablet, which is named Pixel C. So, naming the upcoming tablet with Pixel branding makes much sense. But then, Google may think of marketing an all-new line of some premium tablets, and may hence take up the trusted Nexus name, to do so.

While Google has already unleashed Android 7.0 Nougat, the company has not launched any new hardware to ship with the OS. This has happened for the first time since the original launch of the Nexus program.

It will be interesting to know how the market reacts to the new 7-inch tablet, because as the screen size of the phones are increasing, demand for the smaller screen tablet devices seems to be decreasing too.

There is no information about the official launch of the new device. However, as per reports, Google is holding an event on 4th October to showcase its latest hardware.

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