Adobe’s Creative Cloud video tools are the to-go tools when it comes to professional video editing. The company today announced a set of updates rolling out for these services that it’s debuting at IBC 2016 this week. Along with major performance improvements, the updates include new improvements to its VR video workflow as well as updates to its beta Character Animator software. But the main focus of Adobe seems to be better collaboration tools.

Team Collaboration

Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude are getting new collaborative tools that will allow teams to work on projects together, simultaneously. The company’s take on collaboration is so EPIC that you don’t even need dedicated server hardware to work. Smart version control within the tools includes automatic conflict resolution that will allow you to work on your project without the fear of someone else overwriting on your modules.

Legacy projects can also be easily converted to Team Projects now and Creative Cloud or local storage of project files are both supported. Adobe has also made reversions easier in case you need to go back to a previous version of your plan.

VR, 3D and Live Text Templates

Adobe is bringing in many VR and 3D-based features into the latest update of its video editing tools. Adobe Premier will now automatically detect VR source video on ingest and correctly set it to the right perspective (either stereoscopic over/under, left/right or monoscopic output) and apply the right settings.

You will no longer need to shift to After Effects to work on lower thirds and other simple motion graphics right. All of the important features, including Live Text Templates, are getting amazing new updates that make them a charm to use within Premier.

The company is also introducing a new file format for Live Text Templates that makes for easy sharing. This can be used regardless of your license type and you can even use it if you do not own After Effects. So that’s something to look forward to.

After Effects is also getting a new 3D render engine that will improve rendering performance across a range of devices from low-end to high. The services will now take full advantage of your GPU, too. So, you no longer have to wait too long for an effect to show up.

Adobe Character Animator

Just last year, Adobe debuted its Character Animator as a public preview. While the platform was a great addition to its set of video editing tools, there were still loads of features that could make the Animator easier to use. Today, the company announced a set of new features and that the ‘Preview’ label on its Character Animator will be replaced by a ‘Beta’ moniker.

Content creators can now use their webcams to animate a cartoon puppet of your own creation. Yes, you heard us right. This feature is sure to be welcomed by animators with open arms as it makes creating movies that much easier.

Animation is also getting easier with many feature updates that allow you to “mash-up” different body components from different illustrations to generate a range of puppets more quickly. Editing using Photoshop or Illustrator is also getting easier.

Everything else

Premier is going to get Audition’s fine-tuning features that will enable users to mix audio from within the software. Behence publishing option is another addition to Premier that will allow content creators to post their videos directly to their portfolio on the Adobe-owned creative professional network. Support for HDR is also a new addition.

Audition is getting a set of upgrades, too. But these are more focused on highlighting existing features to users.

The company hasn’t specified when we can expect each individual feature. But all these features are currently planned for a roll-out via Creative Cloud sometime before the end of this year.

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