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Normally, third-party leaks are first to take wind. We find pictures, reports and stuff elsewhere and then after all the hype is built, the brand officially makes the announcement. But tradition is something Microsoft doesn’t value when it comes to its homemade tablet cum laptop series, the Surface. Proving this fact yet again, the company’s own official Surface Instagram account seems to be teasing an all new iteration of the Surface Book.

The Instagram post in question is currently just a day old. It was first spotted by Windows Central which believes that what we are looking at could just be an all-black version of a Surface Book keyboard. The picture, although impressive, has one of the most naive taglines one could fine:

“Your key to success”

Well, isn’t that a lot to process?

Your key to success. #Microsoft #Surface #DoGreatThings

A photo posted by Microsoft Surface (@surface) on

Looking closely at the image, you will find that the hinge on the keyboard is kind of different from the traditional Surface Book keyboard. The original Sureface Book’s keyboard hinge was one of the most appreciated features of the device. Its excellent rigidity was a key selling point.

Users were given the flexibility of detaching the screen, if they liked. In case they wished to benefit from the important stuff in the base, they could turn the screen around by 360 degrees to still use the device in tablet mode.

While Microsoft will, most likely, not chuck this concept, it seems from the image that the hinge on the device pictured is a bit… trimmed. Essentially, it allows for less of a gap between Surface screen and Surface keyboard. According to Windows Central, this fact has even been confirmed by another source.

The blog also says that they can confirm that the image is from an internal Microsoft ‘sizzler’ reel meant to demonstrate some ideas for the new Surface Book 2.

While there is news about a Microsoft launch event underway in the next couple of months, Windows Central believes that a Spring 2017 launch of the Surface Book 2 is more likely.

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