Last year, to the world’s surprise, HTC launched — what most consider a clear-cut clone to the Apple iPhone 6. While that in itself was news, most will be surprised to hear that the company is planning to launch a successor to its infamous One A9. And to top it all off, the new handset is likely to be named the HTC One A9s… What?!

According to insiders, the company is planning to launch the new iPhone clone at this year’s IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, Germany. To be precise, the company has booked in a launch on the day before IFA kicks off, September 1.

Talking about the actual handset itself, the One A9s is almost completely identical to its predecessor. This fact also mirrors Apple’s tradition of keeping the ‘s’ devices aesthetically same. From what we have gathered, the device will be available in the same colour schemes as an iPhone– white, black, gold and a bluish-silver (sounds familiar?). Just like its big brother, the A9s sports a 5-inch display.

There are a few changes regarding the placing of the hardware elements– camera lenses, flash and sensors– around the smartphone, but other than that, it is physically the same phone. Seems a bit too Apple, doesn’t it?

The HTC One A9s is expected to sport a 13 megapixel rear-end camera, just like the A9. But its front-facing shooter is going to turn 5 megapixels from its predecessor’s 4 Ultrapixels. Along with this, the HTC branding from the front of the phone is also eliminated following the trend the company’s 2016 flagship, the HTC 10 started.

Other specs are expected to see slight upgrades from its predecessor. We can expect the same 3 GB of RAM along with 32 GB of storage, The processor and GPU might see an upgrade and it would be a delight to see a better screen, too. No official word, as of now, though.

For now, this is all we know about the upcoming HTC-iPhone. More leaks will surely follow, and there’s also the expected official release in a couple of days. We’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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