Things are not looking good for the dark knight in the gaming industry, bad luck seems to be following him where ever he goes. And here’s what seems to have gone horribly wrong.

Released only yesterday, Telltale’s batman seems to suffering on the PC platform with over one third of the current player base flooding the game with negative reviews regarding it’s performance. They’ve cited resolution issues, in-game lag, wonky animations and stuttering frame rates, among a list of other problems.

Given the recent disaster of a PC port that was the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight, One might wonder that the connection between batman and PC is starting to seem like a failed relationship.

Though it isn’t the case for the majority of players currently, its still a matter of concern that PC ports are failing at such an alarming rate. Console gamers, on the other hand, have had better fate when it comes to promised performances.

One problem that appears to have stumped several players is the fact that their PC specs extend over and above the recommended requirements, yet they’re still suffering from performance issues. One unhappy Steam user, Cerberus30, puts it like this :-

You could have a PC built by Jesus Christ himself and this game still will run at 10fps, a floaty cursor, and be completely unplayable at the LOWEST settings.

That, is the last thing you’d want to hear when you’ve eagerly been waiting for a game ever since its showcase.

It’s also worth noting that even in optimal performance, The Game suffers from Telltale’s design and engine limitations, as stated in a review of the first episode done by PCgamer . The reviewer found the episodes animations to be “stiff and awkward”.

Nevertheless, we can still keep our hopes up as a couple of updates might do the trick to fix whatever seems to be wrong with the game.

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