Flight simulator, i understand, Truck simulator, i think i understand that too, but a farming simulator? what? really?

Since when did farming in games become so popular that it had to be made into a separate game, an intricately detailed one at that.

Techland, the developer best known for the likes of Dead Island, Dying light and Call of Juarez, would be the last developer that would come to mind when talking about a farming simulator. Techland revealed this as it’s latest project alongside independent studio Ice Flames.

Pure Farming 17: The Simulator aims to “shake up the genre” in order to give players the “complete farming experience”. I’m still confused.

We realize there are a lot of farming sims out there already, but the more we looked the more we realized they all seemed to fall short on certain features or ideas that are actually integral in real farming.

says lead producer Kornel Jaskula in a statement.

And the fans have been saying this for years, telling developers what they would love to see included. With Pure Farming, we’re aiming to be the ones who deliver on what has been missing all these years.

The mind blowing success of Farmville may have played an important role in Techland’s decision making process. The sheer amount of players that spent hours on hours gradually upgrading a virtual farm on a social networking website was hard to comprehend.

Based on those statistics, It may be a safe assumption that this plan may work out for Techland. After all, people play the darndest of games. And a successful launch for Pure farming wouldn’t surprise me.

All assumptions aside, Techland did drop a gorgeous looking teaser trailer which, at the least, promises a visually stunning game. It also displays a giant leap from zombies, the wild west and combat based games.

Check out it’s trailer right here:

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