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Continuing on its promise to deliver builds in flash-speeds, Microsoft has just delivered the latest Windows 10 Insider builds for PC and mobile. Just a couple days after releasing build #14376, Redmond is back with another minor update for Insiders in the Fast Ring.

Before going off and lighting up the sky with bright hues in the wake of fourth of July, Microsoft wanted the users to snag another update and provide feedback on the same. Also with a couple previous updates, both PC and Mobile Insiders in the Fast Ring are receiving the preview builds simultaneously.

With the tentative release date of the Anniversary Update — 2nd August — in hand, Microsoft is now just adding some finishing touches to the release. And hence, it’s no big surprise that this build comes only with a bunch of bug fixes and almost negligible known issues.

In the latest PC build #14379, Microsoft has fixed the issue where the Action Center would crash after dismissing a large number of notifications. The notification icon would become un-clickable and stuck, but now its seems to have been fixed. In addition to this, opening Centennial apps from the Start Menu or Cortana will not show-up and crowd the ‘Most used’ app list. Also, the login UI has been updated for high-res displays.

Dona Sarkar in the blogpost reports that there is only one known issue in this build, which is just perfect! Microsoft has put a lot of effort in squashing bugs on the Insider builds, for a perfect user experience. Hence it had resulted in over 1800+ bug fixes in the previous release. But, the bug in this build is surely a disappointing one. You will not be able to use Continuum to make use of your phone as a PC via the Connect app.

There is no immediate update on the ‘Messaging Everywhere‘ feature which was evicted from the messages services in the previous build. Redmond is now planning to merge it with Skype to offer better functionality, but we’ll not see it in the Anniversary update coming next month.

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