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The CEO ‘social media account hacking parade’ isn’t over — its actually far from over. Next in line to get his social media account(specifically Twitter) hacked is Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe. And you’d want to know more about this hack, because its as amusing as they come.

Iribe’s Twitter account was taken over by a hacker today, and he totally banked upon the opportunity of his lifetime. He announced himself the new CEO of the virtual reality company, now owned by Facebook. Twitter has since then taken care of the hack and removed all tweets vandalizing his feed.

Since, the hack — as y’all must have come to expect — was conducted using a leaked password from a data dump. And now you’d be thinking — OMG!! OneMine group again!! But no, OneMine which has been involved in all recent Twitter hacks including Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai and Dick Costolo isn’t responsible for this intrusion.

This time Twitter user @lid seems to be behind Iribe’s account hack, but his account is still active and running. He also hit two birds with one stone by changing Iribe’s bio to read – “hey its @Lid… im not testing ya security im just havin a laugh”.


In addition to this, @lid also spent some time dissing our fellow publication TechCrunch. But it did DM them telling that they have been able to access Iribe’s account, thanks to the recent MySpace breach. And they also added that, if he didn’t have two-factor authentication enabled on his e-mail, then they’d been able to access that too.

But he did have a gala time, making fun of Oculus for developing the coolest tech of the gaming industry, but forgetting to change their password for four years.

Thanks to Twitter user @kentbye, we’ve a couple screenshots of the same attached underneath.


Even though Iribe’s account was hacked and vandalized, but you’d have to agree with me that this was just so funny!! ??

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