Down rounds, funding scarcity, senior management exodus and more importantly, the recent lashing from IITs — Flipkart has seen it all. That however, hasn’t changed the company’s image in India’s job-seeking circle, at least according to a LinkedIn report.

According to a report released yesterday, Flipkart is the number one company where Indian youth want to work at. Other startups following in the footsteps of include the likes of Snapdeal, Ola, Oyo Rooms and even Housing (yes, housing!).

Even though Flipkart is feeling the heat from competitors and other factors alike, it is still considered the most favorable place to work by Indians. Amazon on the other hand, comes in second according to the list released yesterday. As to why that has happened, LinkedIn states,

Flipkart was the original startup poster boy and that aura still continues to draw ambitious professionals.

Flipkart is a company known to keep its calm even in times of media outrage and criticism.

And the best thing about Flipkart that attracts seekers ? — risk taking is encouraged at the company. I hope you remember Myntra’s recent decision go app-only and then roll back the same proposition due to surmounting losses. LinkedIn further adds

Flipkart is, at heart, a tech company, and its most exciting projects are still in that domain.

The ecommerce leader is followed by its competitor Amazon, and despite all those ‘montonous life’ complaints we hear from IT employees,  Indian IT services company Capegemini has bagged the third spot. The list becomes even more interesting, considering that Flipkart and others have taken the lead from companies as big as Google and Microsoft.

The biggest professional social network, LinkedIn which has recently been acquired by Redmond giant Microsoft, has released a 25 “Top Attractors” List yesterday. These are the top 25 companies that are good at luring in and retaining the top talent. These may not be the best companies to work at, but people still eagerly want to land a job and stay put there. If Flipkart is number one, then how can other hot Indian startups sit behind and stare.

Other key Indian startups that have the potential to attract techies and retain them are of the likes of Ola, Snapdeal, Housing and Oyo. Even though Housing has suffered huge losses and multiple senior management restructuring, it stands tall at number 9 amongst the Top Attractors.

Ajay Nair, Chief Administration Officer, expresses his delight saying that,

This recognition is yet another testimony of’s strong resonance, vision and values amongst people. It is an honour for us to be featured in the Top Attractors List by LinkedIn. We know that LinkedIn has some stringent assessment process, and we are proud and to be in the Top 10, alongside some well-established companies in India.

Microsoft, the parent company that now (almost) owns LinkedIn is considered to be the twelfth most lucrative place to work at by techies. LinkedIn has included Redmond in the list this year, as the deal has yet not been finalised. But, it might not include the same in the upcoming years.

Global Talent Attractors

The Top Attractors list(what a beautiful name for a list!!) has also released the Top 40 players that are attracting people from all over the world. The users are very much eager to work, and hold their positions at these companies.

And if you tried making a guess, which company did you pick at the top talent attractor?

It is Apple.

Apple is still considered to be the best company to attract and retain talent. Workers now make up 30 percent of Apple’s staff. And you wouldn’t have been able to guess the second contender on the list, because it isn’t the biggest social network on the face of the Earth. It is actually the biggest cloud or CRM platform that is available to corporates — Salesforce. It has recently also expanded its workforce by acquiring Demandware, a cloud based e-commerce solution platform.

The Top 40 list comprises of some of the bets tech companies in Silicon valley, including Uber, Cisco, IBM, PepsiCo, Amazon, among many others. Twitter, even though is fighting a battle to expand its stagnant userbase is still a talent attractor and placed at #32. It has also recently acquired Magic Pony to boost its video capabilities, while simplying the platform by removing the 140-character restriction.

The Criteria

The Top Attractors list is the first ranking of its kind to be based entirely on actions of users. LinkedIn being the biggest professional social network, has a constant pulse on what exactly the job seekers require. The insight team, analysed literally billions of actions taken by our 433+ million members to come up with a blended score. This score was then used to rank the winners in each geography. The research methodology leverages actions such as:

  • Job applications: Both the views and actual applications on job postings featured on LinkedIn.
  • Engagement: We factor in how many non-employees attempt to view and connect with a company’s employees; views on a company’s career page; reach and engagement of content; along with the growth in followers over the past year, among other metrics.
  • New Hire Staying Power: After a new employee joins, how long do they stick around? Our analysis was only run on companies with over 500 employees; included only actions taken in the 12 months ending in February

The results were then normalized by the global editing team, to measure it against their peers rather than the whole universe of companies. And with this we come to a clear conclusion that,

To hire the best, you better look good on their[workers] profiles and give people rewarding responsibilities fast.

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