San Francisco based popular presentation service Prezi announced on Tuesday that it has reached the 75 million users mark. Along with this, the company released a whole new business-targeted service that adds new benefits like collaboration and analytics tools to the already feature-rich Prezi.

Prezi, for those who do not know, is a presentation service that came out of a company in Budapest, Hungary, in 2009. It offers one of the best visual means to showcase your ideas, more so than any other presentation platform including PowerPoint. The service comes in with zoomable layouts, animated graphics and much more.

Today, the company said that they are adding more features trying to sell Prezi to small and large-scale businesses. According to the company, we will now be able to opt for new collaboration services, engagement analytics, remote presenting, leaderboards and even Slack integration. All this will be available under Prezi Business and enterprises can get them at around $50 per user each month for everything.

In comparison, Microsoft charges $35 per user per month for its most expensive Office 365 Enterprise plan. But cost may not be the whole story if the new features offered are worth it.

The service will now also allow firms to co-edit presentations and post comments for everyone to see in real-time, while sales and marketing personnel can access analytics to establish when to follow-up with a potential customer.

The other new services that might attract potential customers include the ability to present over the Internet and analytics to understand how different parts of presentations engage audiences.

Interestingly, the company crossed the 50 million users milestone a little over an year ago at which point it had launched Nutshell, its service that allowed users to turn a series of photos into short videos. Now, after another 25 million users, the company is trialing towards the business sector.

Millennials constitute a huge part of our 75 Million user base, as they’ve moved into the professional world, they’ve brought their modern expectations and favourite tools with them,

explained Peter Arvai, CEO and co-founder of Prezi.

We designed Prezi Business for users like them; for those that want a more visual, collaborative, data-driven and — most importantly — conversational way to present.

Prezi Business is now rolling out for everyone globally.

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